How We Are Different 
CNY Affordable Realty, Inc. is unique in the real estate community as we are the only not-for-profit real estate brokerage in Central New York. As a not-for-profit, our staff isn't subject to sales pressures or quotas, so they can take more time with our first priority--YOU!


Special relationship with Home HeadQuarters, Inc   
CNY Affordable Realty, Inc. is an affiliate of Home HeadQuarters, Inc., a not-for-profit, charitable organization that works to improve neighborhoods by encouraging home ownership and providing affordable financing for existing and prospective home owners. CNY Affordable Realty works to further the charitable purposes of Home HeadQuarters through home ownership opportunities for first-time home buyers and other efforts that support neighborhood improvements throughout our community.


Long-term, successful home ownership
Successful home owners understand fully the rights and responsibilities of home ownership. We believe in the value of certified housing counseling training for all first-time home buyers.


Elimination of the impact of vacant, dilapidated properties
CNY Affordable Realty and Home HeadQuarters work very hard with a variety of partners to have positive outcomes for vacant, dilapidated housing. The goal is to turn these properties around and get them back to productive use wherever possible.